Stylish Headbands

I’m not gone.  I am really, really bad about keeping up with this though.  Or, when I do craft, cook, or do fun things, I am REALLY bad about taking pictures as I go, which makes it difficult to put up a tutorial or steps to do anything.  However, I have high ambitions to recreate these two beauties this weekend and show you steps on how to do it.

I was looking for a birthday gift for a friend earlier today, which I never do unless I run out of time like what happened today.  Similar headbands in a chic boutique will cost you…wait for it…$32.  Thirty-two dollars!  I mean, really?  Lucky for me, I did these on my own last weekend.

I bought the metal headbands plain in a pack of 6 at the Dollar Tree, for a $1. The fabric below for the rosettes was another $1 (tea towel at the Dollar Tree), and the ribbon was left over from another project.  Glue and time does not cost $30, but maybe someone else’s time is worth far more than mine?  Or the glue is made of solid gold.

I am going to be honest – at times, I thought I was going to throw them out, but I think they turned out pretty nice (particularly for a first attempt).  Let’s see what I can come up with this weekend during my recreation?!

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