Cozy Weekend of Crochet

I mentioned our new nephew that made his appearance this week, but that is actually our third nephew, with another soon to be niece or nephew scheduled to make an appearance at the beginning of January.

Here are a couple of snapshots of hats I have been crocheting this weekend.  Hats have become super quick for me to make because I have done so many.

There are some great free patterns online.  For one of my toddler age nephews, I made this hat at the toddler size and then added these great dinosaur spikes.

toddler dinosaur hat
Orange and Green Dino Hat

For my newborn nephew, I used the same hat pattern mentioned above, but moved the monkey ears up top to make them teddy bear ears.

Newborn Bear Hat

Blue Bear Hat

I apologize for the quality of these photos – they were taken on my lap from my phone as my husband drove down the street when I realized I didn’t photograph them earlier.

Yay for gifts for nephews!

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